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Welcoming the Lab's First Maternal Child Health Fellow

Beyond pleased to share that MPH student Ramatu Abdul Hamid Alhassan is the FIRST #maternalchildhealth fellow in the Anto-Ocrah lab, thanks to the University of Pittsburgh's Mid‐Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center (MAR‐PHTC), one of 10 public health training centers supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

MAR‐PHTC’s mission is to “increase the number of the individuals in the public health workforce, enhance the quality of the public health workforce, and improve the ability of the public health workforce to meet national, state, and local health care needs.”

Ramatu will be working on #communityhealth endeavors at both #Pittsburgh and #Ghana,

West Africa.

We cannot wait to see what awesome things Ramatu has in store!! So proud of you!

#healthcare #publichealth #training #africa #h2p #mentorship

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